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monthly playlist #6

The summer has seemed to have crept away from us very quickly but that doesn’t mean that summer bops have stopped getting released. I usually showcase a mixture of well-known and obscure artists but in this one it’s mainly smaller artists. This is mainly because at this time of year the summer songs that are released all sound the same. So I’ve took the time to dig out the most unique and little known artists on my playlist this month.

Simple Pleasures – AUGUST 08 and GoldLink

This song is the textbook definition of my favourite kinds of music. I love a smooth voice mixed with a good bit of bass and an undeniable vibe. AUGUST 08 is a pretty new artist for me but I know him from his features with 88rising and Rich Brian. This is the first song that I’ve heard so far from his newest album but I’m looking forward to listening to more from him. He really is right down my alley.

Ballin Flossin – Chance the Rapper and Shawn Mendes

I was going through Chance the Rapper’s newest album, The Big Day, and I was loving a few and then I got to song thirteen was this one. The beat was instantly something that I knew I loved. The beat is so unique and I can genuinely say that I cannot name a song with a similar flow to it. Shawn Mendes’ vocals fit so nicely with Brandy’s sample within the song. It has a brilliantly clever mix of old R&B with Chance’s unique abilities to switch flows whenever he pleases. Sometimes, too many vibes in one song can be jarring but this done so well.

Come On – Quality Control, Saweetie and City Girls

Saweetie is absolutely killing the rap game at the moment and this feature is a prime example of why that is. It’s got that kinda “I know my worth” and I bloody love that. City Girls add so much to this song too. I can’t listen to this without feeling like a boss ass bitch while twerking and booty popping around my bedroom.

Takeaway – The Chainsmokers ft Illenium and Lennon Stella

Why does it feel like every single that The Chainsmokers is an absolute bop? I know that with it being September the summer has left us but this still has a kinda late-night beach party vibe too it. It’s the mix of electronic beat and guitar that really gives me that summer night feels. Lennon Stella’s vocals are absolutely stunning as per. I mentioned her in my last playlist post and I am still loving her. Her career is really taking off and I’m super happy for her.

Caught Up – Majid Jordan and Khalid

Being a huge fan of R&B means that seeing Majid Jordan and Khalid on the same track literally makes my heart flutter. I grew up on Justin Timberlake, Ne-Yo and Usher so this song is so nostalgic for me. If you’ve only read even one of my playlist posts then you know that I love Khalid so much. He’s been my favourite artists for about three years. My one worry with this song was that because they’re all R&B singers that they would all mesh into one but Manjid, Jordan and Khalid all sound so individual and their voices go so well together.

Where Does the Time Go? – Rich Brian and Joji

Rich Brian seems to be popping up on my radar quite frequently lately. I know that him and Joji are the same label with AUGUST 08 so it’s not my first encounter with him. I know that loads of people take the mickey out of a lot of the music made by people on the 88rising label but I love it. It’s a new and unique era of music. Music never stays the same and it isn’t meant to. Where Does the Time Go? is such an unintentionally beautiful song. The beats are angelic along with Joji and Rich Brian’s monotone voices. It’s so unique. It’s 100% mustard music though, you either love it or hate it.

“Music is what feelings sound like” – Unknown.

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  1. I always love these posts, as I find so much good music that I haven’t heard before! I’ll be sure to check all of these out, as I’ve not heard any. I’ve been terrible for throwing 80’s playlists on recently haha!xx

    Hannah | luxuryblush

    1. Katie Yvonne says:

      Aww, I’m glad you enjoy these lovely! 80s music is soo good haha xx

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