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You will have probably seen on either my Instagram or my Twitter that I am currently in Krakow!! Luckily, Katie from the past managed to get this post written before she flew so kudos to her. Anyway, since I’m deep in the travel feels, I decided that I would show you what my travel essentials are.

*Disclaimer: The sleeping mask mentioned in this post was gifted to me from Bedtime Bliss in 2018. My mentioning of it in this post is not part of a promotion for them. I simply love my sleeping mask but I wanted to say that it was previously gifted and I have worked with them before.

My phone 

Here we go with the most obvious thing ever. Could a Gen-Zer really go anywhere without their phone? Explaining this one seems a bit redundant because I’ve never known someone go travelling without their phone. While I’m saving up for a new camera, my phone serves as my camera. I actually like the photos that my phone camera takes and I love that I can edit them on the spot so that’s always handy dandy.

I’m a very minimal packer too so if taking my phone for using it as a camera means I have fewer things to pack then I’ll do that. I’ll also use it to keep in touch with my family while I’m away. And let’s face it, I’ll also use it to plaster photos of my holiday on social media because that’s what bloggers do.

A good book

I blooming love reading and I never seem to do enough of it so I figured that I can take my book on holiday with me so that when Liam goes to sleep at 9 pm, I can read until I’m tired. Also, I think it’d be quite nice to put a little note in the book saying that it was read in Poland.

My book of choice for this holiday is Talking with Psychopaths and Savages by Christopher Berry-Dee. I’ve read his other two books, Talking with Serial Killers and Talking with Female Serial Killers and I loved them. We all know I’m a sucker for true-crime so I have no doubt I’ll enjoy sinking my teeth into this one too.

My sleeping mask*

My sleeping mask was gifted to me by Bedtime Bliss in November 2018 and since then it’s become my sleep essential. Other than using it for bedtime, I think I’m going to try using it while on the plane because I can get a little nervous flying and the best way I deal with this is to sleep.

My trusty (eBay) Fjallracken bag

I can’t remember who mentioned these bags on Twitter but whoever it was, YOU ARE AN ANGEL. £11 for a Fjallracken bag? Don’t mind if I do. This bag has become my favourite bag ever because it’s a Goldilocks bag. It’s not too big but it’s not too small either. It’ll fit just about the right amount of stuff in it. I’ve also managed to convince Liam to order one so we’ll be twinning around Poland with our little bags.

Water bottle

I love to drink water and as I’m trying to be more eco-friendly, I don’t want to be using loads of plastic bottles while I’m away. I don’t mind asking for tap water to be put in it while we’re out so my trusty bottle will be joining me on my travels.

Just a little note before I sign off, I will be writing a little post about my time in Krakow and that will be going up on the 13th of this month so keep your eyes open for that!

♡ What’s one thing you couldn’t travel without?

“The world is a book and those who do not travel read only a page” – Saint Augustine.

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  1. I use my phone as my camera too, and totally agree that it’s so handy to be able to edit them quickly wherever you are. Plus a phone is a must if you ever need to contact anyone in case of an emergency xx

    Hannah | luxuryblush

    1. Katie Yvonne says:

      I definitely agree! I almost always go through some kind of crisis while on holiday so having my phone in order to call my Mom is essential haha xx

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