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September mood board

September Mood Board

September is here at last and I honestly, couldn’t be happier. As I mentioned in an Instagram caption a few weeks ago, my life just gets so more exciting once we hit the last few months of the year. A lot of my loved ones have birthdays in these last few months which means lots of cake. I start the first semester of my final year of my degree, which is a mixed bag of emotions.


Forming a better relationship with food has been a big focus of mine in 2019 and it continues to be a big focus of mine in September. As I mentioned in my previous mood board post, food has been a crutch for me for a long time. It became an even bigger crutch to me when my Nan suddenly got poorly and passed away in May. Comfort eating has always been a problem for me and though I’m still grieving for my Nan, I’m trying to do it in a healthier manner.

Along with that, I’m really trying to make the transition to veganism within the end of the year. I started suffering from dairy intolerance maybe about four years ago and I’ve only just, in 2019, made the leap to cutting out a lot of dairy foods. I’ve also never really been a huge fan of meat. Unless it’s Maccie’s nuggets so cutting out meat really hasn’t been a big issue. The Quorn Nuggets are absolutely divine so I have no problem switching to them.

Now it’s trying to refine my snacks. Meals are pretty much sorted like I know what vegan recipes I like but I still tend to snack on non-vegan snacks. I can find vegan crisps that are nice like Yushois and Flamin Hot Cheetos (aka my true love) etc but it’s the sweet stuff. I love a good bar of chocolate. I know that Oreos and Party Rings are vegan but I need to find a good chocolate alternative. Not dark chocolate though because yuk.


I’m actually in a really good place with my blog at the moment. I mentioned in my August Mood Board that I wanted to start treating my blog more like a job than a hobby and I think I have been making some progress in that respect. Taking my blog more seriously has really helped with the amount of effort I put into it. On my Twitter, I have mentioned a few times that I’m feeling comfortable and content with my blog.

One of my goals throughout September is to try and immerse myself into my niche. I often skip out on writing personal development posts because I don’t think people are interested in it but I’ll never know if people enjoy that content if I never publish it, ya feel me? So, I’m actually going to start posting more about what I’m passionate about. Of course, you’ll still get my music and university posts. With some cringey long-distance relationship content here and there but I’m going to really hone in on the personal development content on my blog.

I recently joined Grow and Glow and can I just say… Vix and her team do an absolutely phenomenal job. I’ve seen so much growth in different areas in my blog even though I’ve only been subscribed for a month now. The bundles are amazing. The support network is so heartwarming. If you needed a push to go and sign up, this is it.

It’d actually be super helpful if, in the comments, you told me what you’d like to see on my blog in terms of personal development. I’d love to help you with your own journies. No suggestion is stupid so throw me some ideas and I’ll see what I can do with them.


Liam and I jet off to Krakow in four days which is so exciting. I’ve never been to Poland, nor have I ever been on a city break outside of the United Kingdom so this is very new to me. We’ve had this holiday booked since April so we’ve been looking forward to it for ages. We have a very loose itinerary planned out. There’s lots of museums I want to visit and a few foods that I want to try. We both love Italian food and apparently, there’s a beautiful Italian restaurant quite close to where we are staying. There will be a photo diary up when I come back so stay tuned for that!

We’ve also decided what we’re going to do for my 21st birthday. At first, we were going to Edinburgh, then we decided we might want to go abroad somewhere like Prague or Budapest. However, we’ve both settled on going to my Nan’s caravan in Borth. Now, I know that it sounds like a downgrade but we both love Borth. We sprinkled my other Nan’s ashes there because she loved it so it has a very special place in my own and both of my families hearts. It’s also a free holiday because my Nan owns the caravan so all we have to do is drive there and buy the food. Quids in if you ask me.

This decision came about from wanting to go on a bigger and longer holiday next year. After my graduation, we want to go on an all-inclusive somewhere. So we thought it’d be better to save the money we would’ve spent going to away for my birthday and put it towards our big holiday next year. I would’ve done both but Liam is much more sensible and rational than me so it is the better decision.


My one big goal for my mind in September is to meditate more. Meditation is something I’ve been doing for a few years now and when I do it on a regular basis, I see so much self-improvement. My thoughts are clearer. I am better able to rationalise things. On the whole, it really improves how I deal with my emotions. Any other Scorpios will know what I mean about our tendency to be emotional wrecks.

Another thing I want to do is sort out my sleeping pattern. If I’m really honest, I did naff all to try and improve it over the last few months. My sleeping pattern is one of the most detrimental things when it comes to my personal development journey. It’s been on my resolutions list for the last three years and I just can never crack it. However, I’m going to see if getting up at 5 am and starting my day earlier means that I get tired earlier and thus, sleep earlier. Maybe this will finally work, who knows?


Fitness goals wise, I just want to carry on hitting my 10,000 steps a day. Sometimes I really struggle but with going to Krakow and start universty again in a few weeks, I have a feeling my steps will increase a lot. My FitBit has done wonders with showing me just how little I do move on somedays and it really encourages me to walk around. Granted that walk might be from my bedroom desk chair to the food cupboards downstairs but it’s all about balance, folks.

I’d also really like to start taking yoga more seriously again. I used to do it quite regularly but for some reason it just fizzled out. It’s another one of those really simple habits that makes such a huge impact on my lifestyle. With spending a lot of time typing away on my laptop, I have noticed a lot of tech neck symptoms developing and I’m hoping that limiting screen time and going yoga can help with that. It wasn’t until I looked it up the other day that I found that looking down at your screens at a 60° angle as most of us do can simulate the weight on 60lbs (4 stone) being placed on our necks.


One thing I’ve been working on for a while now, is how much I care about things that I shouldn’t care about. Say somebody says something to me and like a typical Scorpio, I take it to heart. I might spend hours or maybe even days thinking about the fact that a person said something to me that I didn’t like.

Recently, on Pinterest, I came across an idea called 5 by 5 Rule. The basis of this rule is that if it’s not going to matter in five years, then don’t spend more than five minutes thinking about it. It has been super beneficial. If I get myself into a tiff and start overthinking then I just remind myself about this rule. I can’t see myself caring about the fact that someone made a snide comment towards me in five years, I’ll have completely forgotten about it by then so why spend more than five minutes thinking about it?


I’m going for a carefree but focused vibe in September. As I said in my little Self section, I want to stop being so bloody neurotic. I spend so much time overthinking the smallest things. It really puts a dampener on my personal development because it can sometimes drag me three steps back from where I made progress. September is a month for happy, cosy vibes.

♡ What is your biggest goal for September?

“Ah, September. You are the doorway to the season that opens my soul” – Peggy Toney Horton.

Until next time,


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  1. It sounds like you’re doing so well! I’m going to Krakow in December, so I’m excited to see your photo diary, and I hope you have the best time xx

    Hannah | luxuryblush

    1. Katie Yvonne says:

      Thanks Hannah! I’m so excited to go xx

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