Hi, there lil’ beans. My name is Katie Yvonne, and, in this section, you will find out all about me and my slice of the internet. There’s a little section which will tell you all about the gal behind the blog (aka moi).

So, a little bit about me first, I’m Katie, a self-development and lifestyle blogger from the West Midlands. I’m newly twenty-years-old and I’m currently at university studying Media and Sociology. I love tea, true-crime and trying to figure out what I want to with my life. I started blogging in 2016 as a way to give myself something to do that wasn’t work or A-Level related and it quickly became something I’m so passionate about. My hobbies never last long and this is the only one that has stuck for longer than anything I’ve ever done. If you’d still like to know more about me then head over to this post here where I go through the A-Z of things I love.

Now onto the bit about my blog. I don’t really think I can sum it up in one word but basically, I write stuff that I hope can help people live their best lives and thrive. Over the last few years, I’ve had a few blips and breaks but right now I’m in a place with my blog where I feel so comfortable in my niche and how I write. I have such a fire in my heart for developing and growing as a lil’ human. The main things you’ll see on my blog are self-development, organisation, simplification and a few other things. I love to switch up my post styles too, so sometimes you might get a blog post with a few tips and another you might get a post which has a lengthy story with a lesson at the end so hopefully, I can cater to what you like.

If you are a brand looking to collaborate with me, please email me over on katieyvonneenquiries@gmail.com to have a look at my media kit. Though I will look over any opportunity that may come my way I am very specific that I will only work with brands that I truly support and believe in. 

Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy