Hi there, this is my lil’ contact page. Here you can find out where you can see more from me and where you can contact me should you wish too.

You can find me on the following social media:

☾ Twitter

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If you are a brand looking to collaborate with me, please email me over on to have a look at my media kit. Although I will look over any opportunity that may come my way I will only work with brands that I truly support and believe in. 

A quick disclaimer to readers about posts you may see on my blog:

☾ Anything on my blog marked with an asterisk (*) is something that has been gifted to me by a brand in exchange for an honest review. 

☽ My reviews will always be truthful, I will never pretend to like a product purely because it was gifted to me. 

☾ I will always disclose if a blog post contains affiliate links from which I may earn money. If you don’t want to click this, simply search for the item.

☽ If there is a post containing a review or mention that I have not disclosed as being a sponsored post or advertisement then this means that the product was bought with my own money and on my own time. 

Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy