Personal Policies Workbook


A PDF workbook created by Katie Yvonne in order to help you set personal policies so that you feel more sure of yourself and more in control of your time.


Katie Yvonne’s Personal Policies Workbook

This workbook was created to help you set your own personal policies by giving you a number of prompts to think about. Personal policies are boundaries that you create for yourself in order to preserve your energy and happiness. I have written a comprehensive blog post about this so if you’d like to find out more before downloading then go and read it here.

What you will receive 

  • A digital download of a four-page PDF file.
  • This PDF file includes a title page, an instruction page and two pages of prompts.

Once you have downloaded this file, you can print PDF off and start using the prompts to help you create your own personal policies. You can print or use the PDF as often as you wish, it may be a good idea to use it near to the start of a new year so that you can set some new personal policies for the year.

Please be aware that this is a digital download of a file, you will not receive a physical copy from me.


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